Crown & Bridgework

One of the best long-term solutions in restoring a heavily restored or fragile tooth is a dental crown. some people refer to this as a ‘cap’. Advancements in technology and materials have changed the way we treat these cases and we are now able to be more conservative to mother nature while improving the strength and aesthetics of your tooth.

Bridges are a traditional tooth replacement option when you have lost a tooth. We love to do beautiful work and ensuring you can get back to smiling again.

We have a great relationship with our Australian dental technicians. Unlike other practices who offer ‘cheap crowns', we refuse to send our work overseas. The labs we choose to work with us are held in the highest regards in terms of quality and technology. Even providing warranties in many treatment cases. We are very strict about this as we take pride in providing the same high standards of service we would want to have ourselves.

To ensure the long term success of your teeth, we conduct a thorough and fastidious examination of your oral health and tailor your treatment to you. After all, every body is unique and different. 

We look at your mouth and function as a whole to determine which treatment is in your best interest.