General Dental Care

“Prevention is better than the cure” cannot be more true in regards to oral hygiene and the prevention of gum disease. We are firm believers in this and are extremely thorough in our approach and treatment. 

Gum disease is the main cause of tooth loss in adults, however when diagnosed early the condition can be reversed.

Gum disease results from the accumulation of plaque at and below the gum-line. When plaque is not removed effectively, it hardens into calculus, or tartar. Calculus cannot be removed by brushing and flossing. This is almost unavoidable for all of us. 

As gum disease develops, your gums become red and swollen which may sometimes result in bleeding during brushing or flossing. This is the first sign of gingivitis - an inflammation of the gums and is most often visible between your teeth. You or your partner may also notice bad breath.

One of the biggest concerns with developing gum disease is that it can go unnoticed for many years until it becomes a severe and costly problem. Only through regular check-up appointments can we diagnose gum disease in its early stage and treat it before any permanent damage occurs.

There is also evidence to support a strong correlation between gum disease and other health issues including an increased risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke and low birth-weight babies.

We recommend a professional hygiene and maintenance visit every 6 months as the best way to maintain healthy gums, with more frequent visits for those who need particular management in gum disease.